How to Handle Rejection — A Plan for Thriving

01 Jul How to Handle Rejection — A Plan for Thriving

How to handle being rejected: A roadmap for flourishing

Often when we encounter rejection, it’s because wish trying to perform or always be something that shouldn’t fit. For example , if you obtain turned down intended for the task of your dreams, maybe it’s because the company requires someone more experienced or they’re searching for a different cultural fit. Or perhaps, if you’re rejected by a intimate partner or perhaps friend, it could be because they’re not ready for commitment or that you’re not a good fit.

It’s important to concentrate on how you’re addressing rejection, and it means paying attention to your feelings. Getting stuck in mental poison and habits can make the pain of rejection far more difficult to overwhelmed.

If you see that you’re disregarding your feelings or turning to unhealthy dealing mechanisms like social withdrawal or perhaps lashing away, it’s time to take action. Determine what healthy and balanced coping skills you can use to support yourself, and put along a plan to help you practice all of them. This might contain spending time with friends and family who can end up being compassionate listeners, putting standard mindfulness and self-compassion practices into practice, or simply ensuring to address yourself by using some time out for yourself.

While it may possibly hurt to think about the days you’ve been rejected, keep in mind that the feeling is only a tiny part of who you will be. Dwelling on rejection may be counterproductive, so make an effort to focus on the positive aspects of your persona and the particular you completely unique.

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